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Pawn, Sell & Trade Firearms in Conyers, GA

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Pawn, Sell or Trade Your Firearm

Visit our pawn shop in Conyers, GA for both your new and previously owned firearm needs! We carry many styles and calibers. Is the gun you want out of production? We have a constant supply of both current and out of production models on our shelves. Want to hear the best part? Your price is deeply discounted from regular gun dealers and department store shelves. We get things that they can't get. We also will gladly special order any current production gun that you need but cannot find in stock. MANY of our new firearms carry a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Buying your first gun? Let us guide you toward the right purchase.

*Please be aware that any firearm purchase requires either a valid firearms license or a federal background check (done on-site at no charge)

We are proud to be your hometown pawn shop!

Locally owned and operated since 1987, our friendly staff strives to meet your financial needs in Conyers, GA. Whether you need some extra cash, a present for that special someone, or a tool to get the job done, we can help!

Transferring a gun to Fieldstone Pawn for pickup is easy!

  • YOU - purchase firearm from a dealer or individual
  • WE email or fax them our Federal Firearms License
  • SELLER - ships firearm to us
  • YOU - Bring Government Issued Picture ID (and Firearms Permit if you have one) when it arrives
  • YOU - Fill out ATF Form 4473 (link below)
  • NO PERMIT? WE run free background check
  • HAVE PERMIT? No background check is necessary
  • Transfers are only $19.95

Learn more about our gun transfers and download the ATF Form 4473 here.

Free appraisals for pawns and buys

Pawns and buys of other products vary. Some items have flat rates that we give for them, while others might depend on condition, current selling price, model, year of manufacture, and other factors. We cannot give you a quote over the phone, but we assure you that if you bring your pre-owned merchandise in we will look at it and make you our best offer in Conyers, GA.

What kind of stuff can I pawn or sell?

We take a variety of items in working, decent condition. The amounts given for sales and pawns depend on the condition, age, and regular retail value of the item. If you aren't sure whether or not we can take an item, visit our pawn shop in Conyers, GA or just give us a call!

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