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What is a pawn?

A pawn is a low-collateral loan. You bring in your items, we give you a quote on how much we can loan for those items, we store your items, and you get the cash! It's that easy! You have 30 days to come in and pay back the amount you borrowed plus the interest. If you cannot pay that amount within 30 days you can just pay the interest and the loan will roll over for another 30 days. Once you pay back the loan and interest, you get your item back in the same condition that you left it!

Where do you come up with the amounts given for pawns and buys?

Jewelry pawns and buys are based on gold weight and karat according to the market price of gold. Diamonds and other stones in jewelry are taken into consideration by our trained staff based on quality and size. We assure you that we give you the best value possible for your jewelry!

Pawns and buys of other products vary. Some items have flat rates that we give for them, while others might depend on condition, current selling price, model, year of manufacture, and other factors. We cannot give you a quote over the phone, but we assure you that if you bring your item in we will look at it and make you our best offer!

Video Games

What kind of stuff can I pawn or sell?

We take a variety of items in working, decent condition. The amounts given for sales and pawns depend on the condition, age, and regular retail value of the item. If you aren't sure whether or not we can take an item, just give us a call!

The types of things we usually take are…

  • Gold, silver, and platinum jewelry
  • Designer handbags
  • Tools of many brands and kinds
  • Self defense and hunting weapons
  • Electronics including laptops, TVs, iPods, cameras, GPSs, game systems, and DJ equipment
  • Instruments
  • Boats and trailers
  • Much more!

Introducing the Car Hop Pawn Shop

For our Disabled and Elderly Customers
Rather stay in the car?
We'll come to you!
Pawn - Pay - Buy
from the comfort and safety of your car

Here's how it works:

  • Call us when you arrive at 770-483-8248
  • Tell us what you need to do
  • Let us know what kind of vehicle you are in
  • Roll down your window 1 inch
  • We'll handle the transaction through your window with no contact.
  • Picking up or pawning something large??
  • Pop your trunk, stay in your vehicle
  • Picking up or pawning something small?
  • Roll down your window 2 inches

We are proud to be your hometown pawn shop!

Locally owned and operated since 1987, our friendly staff strives to meet your financial needs in Conyers, GA. Whether you need some extra cash, a present for that special someone, or a tool to get the job done, we can help!

"Had the chance to pick up a purchase last minute and late... Even with all of the restrictions due to COVID, they got everything cleared and took care of me like it was mid-day rather than just below closing. Great working with Fieldstone!"
― Cathi R
"Super awesome place. Sherri was so sweet, welcomed us like we were her own family, helped us pick out and decide exactly what gun we wanted, and we even ended up getting extra goodies! This is a nice mom & pop place. They sell laptops, guns, tools, jewlery, all the normal pawn items but at a good price. We will DEFINITELY be back. This place exceeded expectations and for a pawn shop, felt way more clean and homey then most. Thank you!"
― Kayla Patton
"All the staff here are very pleasant and friendly. This is a professional establishment, and I felt very happy with my experience compared to other pawn shops I ve visited in the past. The prices were fair and reasonable. Store was also nice and clean. I would recommend to anybody!"
― Miles Gibson
"Amazing place and people. They were welcoming and answered any questions. Made me definitely want to come back"
― Alex Shirley
"My first experience at this store was great the attendants were nice and helpfull with all my needs. Prices were great as well. I got what i came for and more i will return !!!"
― Syreeta Williams
"My experience was truly amazing, I went in to purchase a firearm and to my surprise, they had only one left that I wanted bc they re selling like hot cakes Mrs. Sherry is knowledgeable but more over so very kind and sweet, I m now a first time owner of a fire arm! I would recommend this gem to anyone who s looking for great customer service and quality products! Thank you Mrs.Sherry!"
― Marveliah F
"This was my first gun transfer. I purchased on the internet and had it transferred here. It was such a fast and easy experience. I highly recommend them!"
― Felicia Lindsey

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